The professionals try ceaselessly to optimize their mobility and their connectivity. Anchored well in this phenomenon, the portable printers became the tool which completes the use of the mobile terminals for the professionals. The customer doesn't wait no more for paper proof after the passage of a technician. Thanks to our mobile professional printers no more need to back to the office.

ALL4AIDC proposes the range of nomadic printers Sewoo and Bixolon supporting of base an interface of communication bluetooth allowing in these mini printers to connect to every types of materials under Windows or Android. This very wide range covers the set of the jobs needing nomadic solutions of impression. Of the most strong in the lightest, WiFi or hardened option, you will find the one who suits your use.

Concerning the used media, you can select one of these thermal printers to publish on some paper in the format ticket or of the self-stick label. So you can select a compatible printer ticket or label of a width of impression of 2 thumbs (50 mm), 3 thumbs (80 mm) or 4 thumbs (104 mm). These printers dedicated to the solutions of mobilities so allow you to leave receipts (minimum format credit card) or to label articles or cardboards without wired connection to a network.

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