Our portable terminals are ergonomically adapted to a use in - door. This use can be for processes logistics such as the reception of the goods, the putting in stock, the preparation of order, the shipping, the load of trucks, etc. … We also find them in production, for the tracking of production, the restocking of components, either still the quality control.They are conceived for the reading of bar code and support optional accessories such as the removable handles or bases of multi-refill locations. Associated to service contracts that can or not integrate the breakage over 3, 4 or 5 years, they answer the most demanding outside constraints.

To be perfectly compatible with your working environment, some of our professional mobile terminals have a rugged design.

It is possible to use these products under Windows or Android.

They answer the standards IP (resistance in the water and in the dust) and are planned to resist multiple falls on concrete. Several keyboards are available that they are physical (alphanumeric, digital with function keys) or virtual through the touch-sensitive screen.

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